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Post-Conviction Relief Appeals in Mississippi 
Post-Conviction Relief Appeals in Mississippi 

At Shows Law Firm, our attorneys are experienced in criminal appeals and post-conviction matters. If you were convicted of a crime and are already confined, you still may have a right to appeal your conviction or sentence. Mississippi’s Post-conviction Relief Act allows you to challenge…

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  • Process to Appeal from a Summary Judgment in Mississippi 

    In Mississippi, many cases that don’t settle before trial are decided by our trial judges.  That is, quite often, the judge may decided to dismiss…

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  • Appeal Your Mississippi Criminal Conviction

    If you have been convicted of a crime, you might be able to overturn the conviction by appealing.  Or, you might be a concerned friend…

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  • Workers’ Compensation Appeals in Mississippi

    If you were denied workers’ compensation benefits for a workplace injury, you have the right to an appeal. Our workers’ compensation system offers compensation for…

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  • Personal Injury Appeals and Medical Malpractice Appeals in Mississippi

    If you were injured in an accident, and the judge dismissed your case, you can appeal the decision to a higher court. Or perhaps you…

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  • Divorce and Custody Appeals in Mississippi

    How much time do I have to file an appeal? The first thing to know about an appeal is you need to act quickly. This…

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  • Is Mediation Right for Me?

    Divorce is stressful, there’s no way around it. Many people stay in unhappy marriages for far too long, simply because they have heard anecdotes about…

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  • Equitable Distribution vs. Community Property

    Property division laws, the legal allocation of assets during a divorce, vary between states. There is no one standard for how money and items are…

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  • Legal Tips for Winning the Lottery

    Mississippi was one of the six states that did not have a state lottery or sell multi-state lottery games like Powerball and Mega Millions. However,…

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  • Child Custody Issues Involving Nonparents

    While most child custody cases arise in a divorce between parents, many other cases involve a nonparent’s right to custody over a minor child. Nonparental…

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