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Is dating during a divorce a good idea?

Your marriage is over and you want to move on with your life even though the divorce has yet to be finalized. You might be wondering if it is a good idea to get back on the dating scene and start a new relationship, but this is absolutely not something you should do. Holding off on the dating scene until after your divorce is complete is important for a number of strategic, legal, and emotional reasons.

Strategic Reasons to Hold Off on Dating

No matter how angry you might be at your spouse, it is not easy to see him or her with someone new. This can be like pouring lemon on a fresh wound. It might even cause your spouse to react by being difficult and prolonging the divorce process, which can also cause you to incur more costs. Of course, there is nothing rational about revenge or wanting to hurt someone you are no longer with for trying to start anew, but emotions are not always logical. All he or she will focus on is trying to even the score. If children are involved, this can get particularly messy. Keep things cordial and try not to stir the pot with an added element that can cause unnecessary tension and feelings of resentment.

Legal Reasons to Hold Off on Dating

Dating is not just a bad idea for strategic reasons, but for legal reasons as well. Although all states offer some form of no-fault divorce, dating before your divorce is finalized can still possibly affect how you are perceived and impact how the settlement proceeds.

Emotional Reasons to Hold Off on Dating

Starting a new relationship during this difficult time in your life can feel like a major boost to your self-esteem, even serving as the perfect distraction from having to deal with the pain and loss of your marriage. It might feel like it is exactly what you need, but most people are not emotionally ready to deal with a new relationship so soon after the end of a marriage, especially one that is technically not even over yet. If you really want your new relationship to work, you need to take some time for yourself, understand what you want, and evaluate how you can avoid the same mistakes in the future. Some people are determined to date regardless of any of the aforementioned reasons. If this is the case with you, it is best to have a serious discussion with your divorce attorney. Follow your attorney’s advice since he or she will ultimately understand what is best for your specific circumstances and the impact dating might have on divorce proceedings.

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