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Equitable Distribution vs. Community Property

Take these crucial steps after your divorce is finalized

Now that your divorce is finalized, it probably feels like you have a new lease on life that is full of endless possibilities. While it is great to be excited about the future, it is important to also remember to take a few more legal actions before you are truly able to embark on this fresh start. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Handle your property settlement: Assuming your attorney was thorough while tending to this matter, you should have a clear divorce decree that states how marital property is to be divided between you and your spouse. Big items like the car and your home are, of course, the most important and generally must have ownership registered with the state. Be sure to tell the government about the new owner. Payments should also be made or collected as well. While it might be tempting to handle this informally, it is best to keep good records of the process. If something goes wrong, you will be able to back up your claims with solid record-keeping.
  2. Separate all accounts: It goes without saying that you must close out any joint bank accounts and cancel any joint credit cards. You must also notify your employer to update your direct deposit and retirement accounts. Lastly, change your passwords to something your former spouse will not be able to guess.
  3. Check your estate planning: Forgetting to erase your ex from estate plans might result in him or her receiving your property in the event of your death. Begin with your will, which should be updated to remove your ex. Additionally, you should check your life insurance and social security to ensure he or she is not a beneficiary.
  4. Child supportMake sure your spouse has the correct to address to ensure you are able to effectively correspond. You should also remember to notify anyone who deals with your children on a regular basis, so they begin sharing information with both parents rather than assuming you are working together.
  5. Change your name: This is optional, but if you do wish to change your name, you must contact the Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security, your employer, and financial institutions.

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