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Is Mediation Right for Me?

Divorce is stressful, there’s no way around it. Many people stay in unhappy marriages for far too long, simply because they have heard anecdotes about how expensive, combative, and lengthy the process can be. This can be avoided through mediation, an alternative and less contentious means of ending your marriage. While not every couple is able or even willing to resolve their dispute through mediation, this serves as a strong option for couples who want to create their own terms, without a judge imposing his or her permanent ruling. Mediation is an ideal option for couples who can remain somewhat amicable with each other, share children, and do not have the funds for an extensive and drawn-out divorce. The most beneficial aspect of mediation is it gives control back to you and your ex, allowing you to openly voice your wants and needs. In mediation, you and your ex can determine a schedule which works for you. This is especially necessary when you have children, as visitation and custody are not always distributed fairly in the courts. Additionally, the court system can be a costly means of ending your marriage, while mediation circumvents that issue to a degree. Mediation is an obvious non-option for people who are afraid of unable to speak to their ex, as collaboration is the nature of this process. In instances of domestic violence or intimidation, mediation is immediately revoked as a possibility. Either way, your divorce process requires the knowledge and history of a divorce lawyer you can trust to promote and defend your best interests.

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