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Do I Need an Adoption Lawyer or Can I Handle It Myself?  
Do I Need an Adoption Lawyer or Can I Handle It Myself?  

In Mississippi, the adoption process can be a bit overwhelming. For non-lawyers, figuring out all the necessary hoops to jump through can be extremely difficult without an attorney’s help.  Though there is no requirement that you hire an attorney to handle your Mississippi adoption, hiring…

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  • Divorce and Custody Appeals in Mississippi

    How much time do I have to file an appeal? The first thing to know about an appeal is you need to act quickly. This…

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  • Is Mediation Right for Me?

    Divorce is stressful, there’s no way around it. Many people stay in unhappy marriages for far too long, simply because they have heard anecdotes about…

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  • Equitable Distribution vs. Community Property

    Property division laws, the legal allocation of assets during a divorce, vary between states. There is no one standard for how money and items are…

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  • Child Custody Issues Involving Nonparents

    While most child custody cases arise in a divorce between parents, many other cases involve a nonparent’s right to custody over a minor child. Nonparental…

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  • How Are Personal Injury Damages Divided in a Divorce?

    Under Mississippi law, each party in a divorce presumably has a fair share to marital assets. Marital assets include the parties’ rights to real and…

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  • Common Factors a Judge Considers in a Mississippi Child Custody Case

    One of the most challenging and difficult decisions judges must make with determining custody in a divorce is the best interests of the child. They…

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  • Your Post-Divorce Checklist

    Congratulations! Your divorce has been finalized! You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there are no more documents to complete, no more papers…

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  • Domestic Violence and the Role of your Attorney

    According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in three women and one in four men have been victims of physical violence…

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  • Legal Guardianship Q & A

    When it comes to legal guardianship, people often have numerous questions and concerns. Below, we answer a few common questions that people tend to have…

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  • What Should I Do with the Mortgage During a Divorce?

    Divorces tend to be complicated and hard to manage, especially for people who didn’t have a prenuptial agreement and need to divide a house. In…

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