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At Shows Law Firm PLLC, we have extensive experience in adoption law. With this experience, we are able to assist you on a wide variety of adoption-related topics.  

Quite often, we will get the question, “does your law firm perform open adoptions?” An open adoption is a type of adoption where the biological parents are involved in the child’s life during the adoption process and sometimes after the adoption is finalized.  

In Mississippi, the choice of whether the adoption is closed or open often depends on the arrangement the parties agree upon in coordination with the adoption agency, which we explained in our page on closed adoptions.  In some cases, an “open” adoption might be appropriate under the right conditions.  For example, it might be appropriate to continue to send photographs of the child to the biological parents after the adoption is finalized.  To the extent the adoptive parents agree to involve a biological parent or parents in the child’s life, the adoption could be considered “open.” Absent unusual circumstances where a court would order the biological parents to have no further contact with the child or adoptive family, the adoptive parents are usually free to continue contact with the biological parents as they deem appropriate. But, importantly, the adoption decree will terminate the biological parents’ parental rights and will put the adoptive parents in complete control of caring for the child. So at the end of the day, the adoptive parents will decide how much contact the child has with the biological parents upon finalization of the adoption. 

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