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Helping Grandparents Exercise Their Rights in Family Law
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Helping Grandparents Access Their Grandchildren

Divorce can sometimes have a significant impact on extended family members as well as immediate family, with other loved ones often feeling some of the effects of a separation. Grandparents are often one of the most affected groups, sometimes having their rights to visit with their loved ones denied unreasonably by bitter or emotionally charged custodial parents. The state of Mississippi has created an avenue for grandparents who have had their visitation rights denied in certain circumstances to legally secure visitation with their grandchildren.

If you are a grandparent who has had these rights ones unreasonably denied, speak with a knowledgeable Jackson, MS family law attorney to find out about the process for securing visitation rights. At Shows Law Firm, PLLC, our skilled attorneys have substantial experience helping families through the difficult situations they must face by putting the law to use to help them. With several decades of experience, you can trust that our attorneys are qualified and capable of representing your best interests and achieving a favorable outcome to your case.

Eligibility for Grandparent Rights

Grandparents may request visitation rights in the following circumstances:

  • Whenever a court enters a decree or order awarding custody of a minor child to one of the parents of the child or terminating the parental rights of one of the parents
  • Whenever one of the parents passes away
  • There was a previous viable relationship with the minor child and visitation with the child would be in their best interest

To demonstrate establishment of a viable relationship, grandparents must prove one of the following:

  • They supported the child financially – voluntarily and in good faith – for at least six months before filing the petition
  • They had frequent visitation, including occasional overnight visitation with the child for at least a year
  • They cared for the grandchild over a significant period of time while the parent spent time in jail or on military duty which requires the absence of the parent from the home

Do I Qualify for Legal Visitation of My Grandchildren?

The eligibility provisions for being able to legally secure visitation rights are somewhat stringent. This allows those who have been unreasonably denied visitation the ability to secure rights when appropriate while still maintaining the ultimate authority of parents to make decisions in regards to their children.

You may qualify for court-ordered visitation rights as a grandparent if:

  • Your own child (one of the parents of the grandchildren) has been divorced and not been granted custody
  • Your child has disappeared or is deceased and your visitation has been denied by the surviving parent
  • You previously had a valuable relationship with your grandchildren and visitation is in their best interest

Before pursuing these rights, always be sure to consult with a skilled grandparents’ rights attorney who can guide you through the complicated legal process. An experienced lawyer will be able to represent your best interests in family court, thus maximizing your chances of a favorable ruling.

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