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Not every legal conflict needs to be taken to court for litigation. In many situations, with special care and planning, mediation can be used to reach a suitable conclusion with far less conflict and without the necessity of going to court. At Shows Law Firm PLLC, our team offers a variety of mediation services to fit your case needs and expectations.

You can turn to our Jackson mediators for help mediating cases related to:

Mediation is often used in each of these areas due to its ability to avoid taking a matter to court. If you think that mediation is something you would like to explore for your case, then please call (601) 664-0044 and request an initial consultation. We can work with your schedule to meet up.

How Mediation Works

In a traditional legal case, two parties arm themselves with attorneys and prepare to go head-to-head in court. With mediation, the goal is finding a way to cooperate and collaborate outside of court. By reaching an agreement in this way, all parties usually save time, energy, and resources.

The general process of mediation includes:

  1. Choosing an attorney or mediator to handle your case.
  2. You and the opposing party meet the mediator in a private setting, like a law firm’s office.
  3. During mediation, you both try to work towards a common solution while the mediator acts a neutral third party to oversee and guide the process.
  4. Mediation sessions continue until a final decision is met.
  5. A court hearing is set to finalize any legal agreements, if needed.

A mediator must remain neutral during mediation. Our Jackson area mediators are not there to try to “win the case” for either side of the dispute. Instead, your mediator will provide legal guidance and clarity, encourage cooperation, and keep the meetings moving by bringing up the next important topic of discussion. If mediations fail — this tends to only happen if one party goes into mediation without any intention of cooperation, or they refuse to concede at all on their points — the mediator cannot represent either party in future litigation.

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Shows Law Firm PLLC has always been about making cases simple for our clients, whether they need us for a divorce or a high-stakes commercial real estate case. With our mediation services, it is easier than ever to take the complexities out of your case and make certain it moves in a direction that will meet your best interests. To learn more about our legal services and attorneys in Jackson MS, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

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