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A Legal Research and Appeals Writing Service for Lawyers

Perhaps your firm is too busy to devote the time to an appeal. Or maybe you would simply rather outsource legal research and writing projects, and focus on your trial practice. Whatever your legal research and writing needs, John S. Grant IV can help.

Why Hire John?

With a career focus in appellate practice, John continues to devote a large part of his time to appeals. John has a passion for legal writing, and takes pride in drafting quality briefs for other attorneys. He has almost 10 years’ experience in the niche area of appeals to the Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. John’s experience, knowledge, and understanding of our state appellate courts allows him to effectively handle appeals in various areas of the law.

John has extensive experience with the Mississippi appellate courts, having worked for the Court of Appeals for over 8 years.  As the Court’s editor of opinions, he worked on over 2,500 published opinions.  John also clerked for Judge James D. “Jimmy” Maxwell, II.

What Legal Services Do You Offer?

John regularly assists other attorneys with specific “as needed” projects. He also frequently handles appeals from attorneys who would rather turn over full control of the case. Consider hiring John for any of the following:

  • Drafting appellate briefs. John can produce a ready-to-file brief in a timely manner at a reasonable cost.
  • Legal research. John is a skilled researcher, who will tackle any legal issue. He can compose memos or simply find authority, according to your preference.
  • Appellate strategy. John has had attorneys send him the appellate record to evaluate the merits of the case. He has recommended arguments to make and avoid, and advised of the chances of success on appeal.
  • Oral arguments. If the court grants argument and you wish to have John handle this aspect of the representation, he will do so in addition to drafting the briefs.
  • Complex trial court motions. If you have a complex motion or other filing, it might make sense to outsource the work so that it doesn’t bog down the rest of your practice.
  • Editing and rule compliance. John will edit your brief, including for proper Bluebook format and compliance with appellate rules.

This is not a full list. If you have a legal research or writing project of any kind, John can help with it.

What Areas of the State Do You Serve?

All parts. With e-filing, it is cost effective for our Jackson-area firm to serve all parts of the state on appeals to the Supreme Court.

Types of Cases

John has worked on a wide range of appellate cases in the Mississippi Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. You name it, he has probably worked on it at some point in his career. To name a few examples, John has drafted briefs in the areas of personal injury, family law, zoning, and real estate.

While working at the Court of Appeals, John also worked on cases in the areas of workers’ compensation, criminal law, and many others.

What Are the Ethical Rules on Outsourcing Writing Projects?

According to the Mississippi Bar, our ethical rules permit attorney outsourcing: “[a] Lawyer may engage in the business of providing legal research and legal writing for other lawyers who do not practice in his firm.” MS Bar Ethics Op. No. 177 (Dec. 7, 1990). If the attorneys split fees, the participation of all lawyers involved must be disclosed to the client. Miss. R. Prof. Cond. 1.5(e).
Under Rule 1.5(e), the fees must be either “in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or, by written agreement with the client, each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation.”

Scaling Your Law Practice

Solo practitioner or small firms generally do not focus on appeals. Such attorneys might have one or two appeals a year or fewer. For these firms, hiring a brief writer or researcher on an as-needed basis can be a game changer. We can help you scale, as you focus on your trial practice and let us handle the time-consuming writing projects.

Outsourcing Can Save Your Client Money

Rather than wading through the appeal alone, teaming up with a skilled appellate writer can cut costs. We are brushed up on the appellate rules and latest caselaw, which can help reduce the overall time spent on drafting a brief.


John S. Grant IV primarily handles our firm’s appellate writing. As you would expect, his pricing structure and overall fee depend on the complexity of the case and the needs of the client. He generally requires an up-front retainer, but he will also consider using flat-fee pricing or a contingency fee in certain cases. His normal hourly rate is $175.


John may be reached on his cell phone at 769-218-9380 (call or text) or by email at jgrant@showslawfirm.com.

Contact Shows Law Firm today or call (601) 664-0044 to find out more about how we can help.

Reviews from Former Clients

  • “"John Grant was beyond patient and understanding of my situation. Unlike the majority of attorneys and legal firms, Shows & Smith keep their clients informed, updated, and provide detailed statements of how/what their payments are spent or what they are charged for. Please educate other legal aid providers that being transparent about fees and payments and staying in touch with clients is how you build clientele."   "I give Shows & Smith the highest rating of excellent for communication, timeliness, competency and helpfulness, professionalism, and overall services/product rendered. I would gladly recommend him and this firm to others." ”


  • “ “You guys did an outstanding job. They responded to all my questions immediately. That speaks volumes in customer service!” ”

    Angie N.

  • ““Thank you all so much for your work on our behalf during this difficult time. It has been so helpful not to have to worry. We knew we were in good hands. (Attorney John Shows)””

    Jenny & Patsy

  • ““Thank y'all so much for all y'all have done!! I have recommended y'all so many time because of all the hard work, commitment to your clients, always very timely in responding and doing things, nice,understanding and most of all putting up with all my questions and problems!! Y'all have given me hope when I had none in the court system, protected my girls and myself, made sure they were financially taken care of and made sure everything was In my agreement and best interest! Most importantly y'all have given me a life that I have always dreamed about!! That's for my girls to be happy, safe, and myself, I got my Identity back and found strength again because of everything y'all have done! I am grateful for everything y'll have done and do for my girls and myself!””

    Shanae S.

  • “My experience with this firm was very pleasant and I feel as if I have built a strong relationship here.”

    Gabriel B.

  • ““I want to say thank you and express how much I appreciate you. I felt a sense of I got this with you guys in my corner. You are amazing at what you do, all three of you.””

    M. Taylor


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